Home Depot Stock Price, Rental, and Schedule near Me

Home Depot is the most complete retail store which focuses on home improvement products. It has been serving many people's necessaries since 1978. Here, they can buy appliances, tools, hardware, lumbers, and building materials.

Paint, plumbing, flooring, and the garden supplies & plants are available there too. The store which established in Arkansas, Georgia, in the US, has many branches. Everyone can find it thoroughly the world around their living. For more information, see also the Home Depot near me!

6 Home Depot Retailers in Santa Monica with High Customer Credibility

At this time, Home Depot has gotten high credibility from many people. It is not only about the amount but also the quality of the product. So, a lot of people are willing to spend much money to visit this place and buy what they need.

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Do you live in Santa Monica? In fact, there are numerous retailers which get a good place in the customers’ heart. At least, there are 10 places with a good review such as the following:

1. The Home Depot in Playa Vista
Exactly, the address is in 12975 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066. It opens every day from 5 am- 11 pm. The store provides hardware, nurseries & gardening, and also the appliances. Most people suppose that the price of the product is moderate.  The facilities are payment (credit card and Google Pay) and parking (private and bike).

2. The Home Depot in W Slauson Ave
The next retailer still provides the same products as the prior store. However, the location is in 4925 W Slauson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90056. The HD here opens every day from 6 am to 9 pm. Except on Sunday, it opens from 7 am until 8 pm. The facilities are similar to the previous one.

3. Fisher Hardware & Lumber
Visit the store in 1600 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404 or fisherhardware.com. The store sells hardware, building supplies, and door sales/ installation.

Conduct the purchase from Monday to Saturday. In Monday until Friday, it serves you from 7 am to 5 pm. Meanwhile, the Saturday opens from 8 am to 4.30 pm. The facilities include credit cards payment and parking area.

4. The Sofa Company
It is the store for furniture and the home decor in 2316 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405. By the way, the website address is www.thesofaco.com. Through this website, you can see a lot of sofa, chairs, and other accessories. Besides that, you can visit the store on Monday until Sunday. It has a regular hour from 10.00 am-06.00 pm. Even though, it opens at 12.00- 6.00 pm on Sunday.

5. Merrihew’s Sunset Gardens
The Merrihew’s Sunset Gardens’ address is 1526 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405. This of the Home Depot retailers focuses on nurseries and gardening sales. Let’s visit the store which opens every day from 9 am to 6 pm. Nevertheless, it closes at 5 pm on Sunday.

6. Tashman Home Center
What you can get from this store? There are hardware, windows installation, and the door sales/ installation. You may find it in www.tashmans.com and in 7769 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046.

Apparently, there are a lot of facilities offering by the store. It starts from the payment method, parking, wheelchair accessible, dog allowed, and the current discount.

Home Depot Stock and Price This Year

Several years ago or in 2017, the Home Depot stock experienced a decrease of about 15%. The decreasing of the stock emerges because of some reasons. Some people show their arguments about the decreasing of the stock.

They think that the reasons come from the insiders who buy shares. They considered that the share buyers did not have a good track record in revenue. Extreme cold weather and lack of use of marketing in the summer afterward.

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Unable to lift shares from a quarter beat-and-rise. High-interest rates so that the Home Depot cannot raise the housing wave much higher. The last assumption is about increasing analytical skepticism. Thus, the decline in shares is not from company-specific problems. However, that may arise due to macro conditions and negative sentiment.

Fortunately, the company is capable to rise up again in this 2019. The customer's sentiment approach all-time highs and the unemployment was lower than 50 years ago. Alongside that, there are still other aspects influencing the improvement of the stock. It is such as rising prices of houses, old houses, the formation of households, and replacement of housing.

In fact, Stock HD does not require perfect economic conditions to make improvements. It only requires healthy work and confidence in consumers. Do you know how much is the last home depot stock price? Obvious, it closes the stock rice on February 13, 2019,  in 185.89.

The Home Depot Rental Near Me

Home Depot Rental is located in more than 1,100 convenient locations for equipment, tools, trucks and large trailers. This retailer also offers large equipment shipments in 45 markets throughout the United States and Canada.

To get everything you need, you can go to the nearest HD or call at 1-888-266-7228. Next, you will find the right rental equipment for your job as below:

This is the perfect tool for property repair work. For example, leveling and leveling, as well as loading, carrying and distributing materials. The characters are extremely maneuverable, user-friendly controls, and a smooth ride.

It is also versatile for both residential and commercial use. The tool is able to work on various terrains including soft or uneven ground. The functions are Grading, leveling, load, carry, spread materials, landscaping, construction, and property improvement.

Tractor Loader Backhoe “KUBOTA BX25”
KUBOTA BX25 TRACTOR LOADER BACKHOE from the Home Depot is perfect for landscaping, construction, and property improvement. It carries a perfect combination of power and performance. This tool also has Dual functionality with front loader and backhoe.

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In addition, it has a compact size, smooth operation, ease of controls. The benefits are for load, carry and transport materials, grading, and leveling, electrical, plumbing and irrigation installation or repairs.

Mini Excavator
It is the tool for earth moving and landscaping projects such as irrigation installation and drainage projects. You can use it to plant trees, property improvement, and landscape projects, irrigation installation. It is also useful for plumbing and electrical installation or repairs. This tool is able to do big projects with a limited working room. It's also able to multiply quiet yet powerful.

Scissor and Boom Lifts
The Home Depot rents this the Scissor and Boom lifts to maneuver easily, stable platform, fits in tight spaces. The functions are to care tree, facility maintenance, painting, HVAC, electrical, sign, and lighting repair.

Material Handling
The basic includes rough terrain capabilities and high load handling. It is also light and compact to maneuver in confined spaces. Additionally, the tool is versatile for both construction and agriculture use. The advantages of this tool are the movement of palletized material, the second story of roofing projects. It is also is able to load and unload cargo.

It uses conveniently transport materials. The tool comes with hydraulic surge breaks and the reaches 3,100 - 4,500 lbs. You can use demolition and yard maintenance. It is suitable for carrying landscaping materials and hauling aggregate.

Chipper and Stump Grinder

This Home Depot service is capable of changing debris yards and unusable organic materials into eco-friendly composted materials easily. It is towable and easy to transport. It includes an environmentally friendly tool. It is for tree care and maintenance, landscaping and property improvement.

Mini Skid Steer
The features are versatile, easy to use, able to work in tight spaces, and available in certain locations. You may use it to fit, carry it, and distribute materials, landscaping and property improvements.

You can use it for housing and commercial use.

Easy maneuver tool with user-friendly controls. It is flexible to work in small confined spaces. This machine is suitable for making trenches for pipelines, electricity, and utilities. supporting the irrigation, installation, drainage, landscape and property improvement projects.

Lawn and Garden
The last type of heavy equipment from this home depot is the lawn and garden tool. There is various equipment for outdoor landscape projects or routine maintenance which is easy to use, transport and environmentally friendly. It is very versatile that is suitable for commercial or residential use.

The functions include lawn renovation, maintenance, trimming, and so on. You can use it for aerating, thatching, and rototilling. It is still useful for mowing, edging, weed control, brush cutting, hedge trimming, and garden/flower bed maintenance. Alongside that,  it is able to leaf cleanup, sod cut, augers for bulb/tree planting and fence post install.

These rental rentals offer 4 hours, daily, weekly and monthly mini excavator rentals in certain locations across the US and Canada. It turns out the Home Depot still rent one more thing. This retailer has been cooperating with Penske to provide greater comfort, savings, and one-stop shopping. All of that is solely for your mobile inventory needs and home improvement needs.

That is, you can now pick it up or drop it in a Home Depot location by renting a Penske transfer truck. You will get several facilities ranging from convenient locations and quality trucks. In addition, there are the most extensive home improvement options and moving supplies. They provide almost everything you need before, during, and after your big move. For more information, call 1-844-847-9517.

Home Depot Schedule Information

What means with the Home Depot schedule? Let’s talk everything about the schedule in this retailer store. You are going to start it from the colleague with the greatest employees who are superior and competitive. This retailer already employs more than 385,000 partners and becomes the fifth largest company of companies listed on the S & P 500. The company is always trying to attract, motivate, and maintain a high-performing and diverse workforce.

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By the way, the Home Depot itself has an application for the employees. They call it ESS or the Employees Self-Service. This application allows you to view and change some of your partner's information. You can review your address and other personal information in the ESS every month. Thus, you can ensure HD is able to communicate with you about taxes, benefits, etc.

ESS makes it easy for you to:
- Review your summary information at work.
- View and print historical payment reports as well as tax reports.
- Change tax deductions
- Activate or change your deposit information directly
- Activate your payroll card
- Make changes to your mailing address
- Make a reduction or register your Homer Fund.
- Review information on Leave Loss (LOA) and print LOA packages
- Check the Leave Status for your Absence (LOA).

Meanwhile, here are tips to use ESS:
1. You must access and make changes to this information in a safe manner
2. Enter the network carefully.
3. Print documents with a safe printer
4. Exit when finished with your access

Pros and Cons Working at the Home Depot

Well, the Home Depot is not only friendly to the customers but also the employees. It gives a big role in the budget of many people. Apparently, all people in the world can join this company. Nonetheless, not all people (the employees) have the same opinion toward this retailer. Seemly, you should hear it if you want to be part of the company. Here, what to hear:

# Pros :
1. They can learn a lot about finishing materials ".
2. have friendly and helpful colleagues.
3. Meet many good customers.
4. They can wear normal clothes under an apron without having to change different clothes.
5. Employees can check online schedules
6. They can request an online holiday.
7. Has several managements which are able to understand and empathize.
8. Some managers show hardworking.
9. Home Depot has very good training.
10. Employees know their responsibilities clearly and their work is easy.

# Cons :
1. Winter is the most boring time for employees because there are no customers.
2. Lack of training for example about computers.
3. Bad schedule.
4. Often late for lunch because there are retailers who lack employees.
5. There are several places that have poor management.

Okay, that is some information about the Home Depot which you should know. IT comes to help everyone to build, design, decor, and improve the home.  Exactly, it for other buildings such as the public building. Apparently, you not only get high-quality home products but also the future. Join the company around you if you are sure to build your career there.