DIY Cheap Home Decor Ideas Modern and Primitive

The home decor is one topic that is never boring to discuss. People always find new things associated with the topic both in design and others. They never stop innovate the ideas to adorn each building. It is such as home, office, apartment, until the outdoor space. What is the recent attractive theme for this case? At this time, numerous people prefer to build their home decor DIY. It gives them special satisfaction because they make it alone according to their idea. On the other hand, they are more money-saving and unique.

Cheap Home Decor Ideas

Well, your topic of the day is about the DIY home decor idea. Nowadays, there are a lot of sources which offer home accessories. You may get it at the home improvement product store. So, you do not worry if the result will not be interesting.

In fact, many DIY home designs look eye-catching with a strong character that might be second to none. Talking about this topic, actually, has a wide-range area. It can be about the wall decor, current space, and the outdoor area.

Okay, let try to cover all of them! The home decor ideas for DIY lover show many images both in interior and exterior.  There will be a lot of options associated with the topic below. Even, you are going to get the two choices of the DIY decor idea such as in modern and primitive. You perhaps never think that this style presents two options. However, do not acknowledge that the primitive style is bad. In fact, not a few people like this house style.

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That might be because the primitive style is able to give a different and more soothing impression. However, there is more important thing besides thinking about the style. It refers to the budget that you will spend later.

All people know that the price of the furniture item and accessories always get increasing. Certainly, it makes you feel confused to make a step to remodel your living. Fortunately, that is only an old story and there are many cheap home decor ideas around you.

Cheap Modern DIY Home Decor Ideas

Choosing DIY ideas for your home decor gives many advantages. It is certainly more economical because of you who estimate the budget of your necessary. Sometimes, you can reuse the things around you and you do need to pay the designer. On the other hand, the DIY style also more efficient. Where do you can get the inspiration? You can follow these modern home ideas for affordable cost such as the following:

1. Star Wall Mirror
This fabulous giant wall mirror has a star-shaped frame on a brown color. It is ready to adorn you plain white wall with the cost less than $25.

2. Sea Vase
What is this? The sea vase is ready to present a new cheap home decor by your hands. You only need a hemp rope and hot glue to make the vase. Afterward, combine it with the tropical wooden home design. You may put it in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and terrace.

3. Fascinating White Cabinet Tray
Do you have a plan to change your cabinet? See, what can you do with your old cabinet? Take part of the cabinet door with paint into a temporary cheese board or dinner tray. Start by making a hole in the board with wood filler. Then let it dry before you do the sanding. Paint the surface using white paint, pre-drill holes, and screws on the handle.

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4. Library Sofa Stand
Let’s go to the living area, sitting, area, bedroom, or wherever you put the single chair. Commonly, the couch or the single sofa stands with a sofa stand. Show the smart sofa stand ideas from a stack of the encyclopedia books. Mix it with the round wooden tabletop and a mini vase. Let it complete the library interior design at your home.

5. Suitcase Table Ideas
If you are a traveler you may often change your suitcase so that you have more than one. Do not let your luggage just fill your wardrobe. Change it as the more useful thing such as this vintage suitcase table. You can use it to save your living room sofa blanket or complete your bedroom decor.

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6. Cork Lamp
It's easy enough to make cork lights like this. Cut the cork in length according to the height and circumference of the lamp. Create a small hole in the back so that
cable can enter. Peel the back of the cork, paste it, and flatten the bottom with your hands. Next, cut the circle for the top of the base and paste it with hot glue.

7. Anti-stain mat
Well, move to the dining table decor! There is a good idea for this small part of the home decor.  Decorate your table keep friendly to your children. You can make it beautiful with the anti-stain mat. Prepare materials such as vinyl cloth and iron. Cut the vinyl cloth with a 12-by-17-inch rectangle. Then, iron on each side of the base and trim the edges with scissors.

8. Cushion with pocket
Are you among those who often forget where you put the remote control? Nowadays, there is a cute cushion with a pocket. This pillow idea is perfect for someone like you. To make it is a piece of cake because you just need a pocket from your pants. Cut your pocket from your old jeans then stick it on your favorite pillow.

9. Ruffle Accent Lamp
You certainly do not believe that this beautiful dish only comes from linen. Only with hot glue, old lights, and linen, you will have charming home decor.

10. Glass Coaster Wool
You can take these cute glass coasters from your cardigan. Besides being cute and easy to make, the work of this wool hand can be washed. To make it, wash this wool cloth in hot water, and then dry it with an agitator. After that, use a pencil and large mouth glass to make a circle on the fabric and then take a set.

By the way, those home decors from modern DIY ideas do not need much money. You will not spend it more than $25. If you still need the other inspiration, you are still able to find it. You likely attractive to Shutter side table, bedroom toothed wall decor, typography, hand-dyed napkins, and so forth.

Cheap Primitive DIY Home Decor Ideas

After you get a lot of fantastic DIY home decor in the modern sense, it is time to back to nature. It does not matter if you try to invite a natural primitive nuance in your life. It is such as many designs of the DIY primitive decoration ideas:

1. Barn Quilt
The barn exterior design at this time comes in bold red color where it unites to nature properly. As though, this barn quilt idea adds the freshness of the green landscape view around with the stealing sight accent. Here, the home decor perfects the sense of your life along with the exterior red flower pots.

2. Farmhouse Coffee Table
Here, the farmhouse coffee table combines white and dark color ideas. The dark brown wooden color looks on the white wooden frame. Actually, you can make it dark in all parts. However, this sample already looks stunning along with the tropical centerpiece style.

3. DIY Bar Stools in Farmhouse Ideas
When you carry this home decor, you not allow forget about the farmhouse bar stool ideas. Certainly, you can do it by yourself with the cost under $100 where it is cheaper than buy it at the store. Use the environment goods around you to create a cozy and strong bar stool with unbeatable uniqueness.

4. DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Island
After discussing bar stool, let's continue to talk about the pair. Yeah, it is about the farmhouse kitchen island. Definitely, it becomes the perfect pair to the bar stools and your kitchen. Even though, it is able to instantly give it the farmhouse charm. The design of the kitchen is with additional space under the counter. Meanwhile, those wicker baskets really just add to the whole farmhouse look.

5. Painted Mason Jar
These painted mason jars offer the perfect touch to your home d├ęcor which has a rustic country style. Quite spray paint or brush paint jars and get a unique look. After that, just distress them just a bit with sandpaper to make them a bit more rustic.

6. Rustic Twig Frame
Make it as a great way to display your favorite photos or art that the kids have made. Quite sticking twigs with together to match glue around a frame in any size you need. Twig frame that fits the philosophy of the farmhouse style is about the simple things.

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7. DIY Reclaimed Wood Vent House
This reclaimed wood vent hood is definitely going to help you to turn your kitchen into a dream farmhouse. The rustic style of vent hood turns the kitchen easy and inexpensive. The barn wood definitely transforms the entire kitchen instantly.

8. Farmhouse Table Runner
Magic your dining table is more like a farmhouse table with a beautiful burlap runner. Do it easily like leaving it plain, using stencils, or hands-free. Apparently, this is the easiest and fastest way to bring a small farmhouse style to your home decor.

9. Farmhouse Pallet Table
Previously, you had a farmhouse table but this is another example. This time, this palette table will occupy your dining room. Create this cool table yourself with a few old palettes outside for a short time.

10. Depressed Farmhouse Chairs
The depressed farmhouse chairs match for interior and the exterior home decor. Create this antique furniture only with white chair paint, or whatever color you like. Then, show the impression of being pressed on your chair using sandpaper. In addition, you can beautify it by painting white upholstery and allowing natural feet or vice versa. This second choice also gives a stunning impression on the farmhouse home style.

11. Household Console Table
The console table usually complements several rooms including in your home hall. Create your DIY household console table from the wood left over from other projects.

primitive home decor

12. Farmhouse Coffee Tray
This DIY coffee tray will add new sense both in decorating and serving coffee or tea for your guests. Adding this beautiful farmhouse coffee tray to your home is indeed a very interesting idea. There are many ways to make this coffee tray in addition to a little country to your home.

13. DIY Farmhouse Desk
Get a new spirit that is more burning with this DIY farmhouse desk. Add your creativity both at this table and when you work. Surely you will feel more comfortable spending hours in front of the computer to write. Moreover, you just sit down to surf the internet. This DIY furniture is, in fact, the perfect addition to your bedroom, living room or office which is quite easy to make.

14. DIY Farmhouse Wall Furniture Sets
Some people say it as the farmhouse entertainment center furniture item. This unique wooden furniture has a sliding barn door that makes it perfect for your farmhouse home decor. However, this is obviously a little more complicated but it is very worth the extra time and effort. This sliding door will hide the television and other entertainment equipment. In fact, this is clearly one of the most beautiful farmhouse furniture.

15. Paint Stick Basket
This paint stick is really cheap but this decoration will bring a great view of the room. This DIY basketball idea can make the center of your room amazing and perfect. Make this accessory enough by attaching the trunks to the shape of the basket. Then, add your favorite flower or candle.

At this time, primitive has a different meaning than prior times. It tells about the more calming nuance which will give a natural serenity for everyone. Meanwhile, the modern DIY home decoration comes with high-class sense. Whatever house decoration you choose, you will not lose a lot of money and time. In fact, this method can help you to get rid of the boredom of your days and the atmosphere of the previous home. Therefore, you can enjoy happily your new activity with your ideas to have amazing home decor. Remember that it is easy to do and cheap.